Monday, April 10, 2006

BONANZA has Djed at...
...more fucking places than you can fit in the Albert Hall!... One Day!

It's been a long and difficult journey and BONANZA has taken a lot of shit along the way but has come out at the other end relatively unscathed nonetheless and with a lot of experience and an even bigger record collection!

Here's a list of just SOME of the venues, events and club nights that
BONANZA has Rocked 'N' Rolled:

Smersh... (1st ever BONANZA Sept' 2003)

93Ft East
The Windmill
Notting Hill Arts Club
HMS President
The Cobden Club
The George Tavern
The Trolley Stop
Big Red
Lil' Red
In The Pines
What's Cooking
The New Rose
The Apple Tree
Juke Box Union
...Oh, and now add to the list...
'The Spitz'
'The Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes'
The Mucky Pup...
(The Best Little Boozer in London)
'The Big Chill House'

...and of course every Sunday and Friday on Resonance 104.4Fm
or online

Some Recent Flyers...

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