Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ok folks well it's been quite a while since I've tended to this blog but seeing as Bonanza is moving into its 8th year of Radio and club night promotions I thought I'd revive the two blogs... I guess I left them alone because Myspace became the general currency but it seems to have now died a death (how fickle we all are eh?) there's always Facebook I hear you say but I can make this Blog much prettier than Facebook. However you can still check out both Bonanza Facebook and Myspace at

I will endeavour to upload ALL the images artwork and flyers that are missing but that's over three years of Bonanza nights!.. Jesus why have I left it so long???
Anyway do please keep an eye on both Bonanza blogs for upcoming 7th year birthday party celebrations + 3 years of Countrier Than Thou at The Lock Tavern in September
Also don't miss the launch of Bonanza's brand new club night 'Mexican Day Of The Dead' Saturday 4th September at the very wonderful and newly relaunched Filthy MacNasties we will be hosting another of our famous 'Battle Of The One Man Bands... (more details to follow).
Anyway back to the present and this Thursday it's Countrier Than Thou at The Lock Tavern with our favourite Country-Rockers The Family + pride of Stoke Newington's Blues-ologists The Dublo and the second best Country DJ in London Bound For Glory + A Bonanza DJ set of course... Yeeehaaa!


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